Executive Board 2015 - 2017:

(from left to right: Oró Piqueras, Jennings, Kriebernegg, Swinnen, Ratzenböck, Cerezo Moreno)



Chair: Ulla Kriebernegg (University of Graz)


Deputy Chair: Aagje Swinnen (University of Maastricht)


Executive Director: Barbara Ratzenböck (University of Graz)


Deputy Executive Director: Roslyn Jennings (University of Gloucestershire)


Treasurer: Marta Cerezo Moreno (National University of Distance Education (UNED)


Maricel Oró-Piqueras, University of Lleida, Spain (Founding Deputy Treasurer)


Academic Advisory Board 2013 - 2017:


Lars Andersson, Linköping University, Sweden


Josephine Dolan, University of the West of England, UK


Ricca Edmonson, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland


Andrea von Huelsen-Esch, University of Düsseldorf, Germany


Eva Krainitzki, University of Gloucestershire, UK


Ruediger Kunow, University of Potsdam, Germany


NANAS (North American Network in Aging Studies) Representative


Rocío González Torres, University of Malaga, Spain (Student member)


Brian Worsfold, University of Lleida, Spain (Founding Deputy Chair)

Financial Report Auditors (2015-2017):


Kaharina Zilles, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany


Anita Wohlmann, Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Main, Germany




Elections for the Executive Board (every 2 years) and the Academic Advisory Board (every 4 years) are held within the framework of the ENAS conferences. Please contact if you are interested in becoming involved.


Information on the organizational structure of ENAS can be found in the ENAS Constitution. Link:




Executive Board 2013 - 2015:

(from left to right: Cerezo Monreno, Jennings, Swinnen (Deputy Chair), Maierhofer (Chair), Moertl, Hartung)