'Narratives of Ageing in the Nineteenth Century'


‘Narratives of Ageing in the Nineteenth Century’

Tuesday 23rd July 2019


Organisers: Dr Amy Culley, Dr Alice Crossley, Dr Rebecca Styler

Registration (no charge) by 17 July https://lias.lincoln.ac.uk/narrativesofageing/ 


Alfred Tennyson Building Level 3, Brayford Pool, University of Lincoln, LN6 7TS  



9.00     Registration (open plan area outside lifts, floor 3: or turn right at the top of the stairs)

9.45     Welcome (ATB3116)

10.00     Panel session 1 (overleaf are details of panel papers - abstracts on conference website)

                       1A Writing and Im/maturity      (ATB3101)

                       1B Ageing as Decline?              (ATB3202)

11.20 Coffee break

11.40 Panel sessions:

                        2A Women Ageing with Authority         (ATB3101)

                        2B Recovering the Ageing Body              (ATB3202)

1.00     Lunch (provided)

2.00     Panel sessions:

                        3A Counter/Stereotypes of Ageing                    (ATB3101)

                        3B The Bildung Narrative and its Discontents (ATB3202)

3.30     Tea break

4.00     Plenary: Professor Devoney Looser (Arizona State University), ‘Ageing in Public:

                         Women Authors in the Nineteenth Century’        (ATB3116)

5.30      Drinks reception

7.00    Conference closes: Delegates are invited to join the conference organisers for a meal at a local restaurant. Please confirm if you would like to come by emailing Alice Crossley by 17th July: acrossley@lincoln.ac.uk


Panel Session 1 (10-11.20)


1A Writing and Im/maturity

Pete Newbon (Northumbria): ‘“Too much of the Boy-Man”: Romanticism, Masculinity and Infantilism’

Jonathon Shears (Keele): ‘Ageing Byronically: Branwell Bronte’s Allusion to Don Juan

Claudia Capancioni (Bishop Grosseteste, Lincoln): ‘Growing Up in a Multicultural Context: “a new sort of country” in Prince Peerless: A Fairy Folk Story Book


2B Ageing as Decline?

David McAllister (Birkbeck, London): ‘Retrospection, Contingency, and Regret in Dickens’ Late Midlives’

Catherine Charlwood (Oxford): ‘“Part steals, lets part abide’: The Memory of Youth in Thomas Hardy’s Poetry’

Hanh Bui (Brandeis, MA): ‘Ageing, Immortality, and Nineteenth-Century Vitalism in Walter Besant’s The Inner House


Panel Session 2 (11.40-1pm)


2A Women Ageing with Authority

Cassie Ulph (Bishop Grosseteste, Lincoln): ‘A Granddame’s Garrulity’: genres of knowledge in Hester Piozzi’s Lyford Redivivus’

Francesca Blanch-Serrat (Univ. Autonoma, Barcelona), ‘To “leave my name in life’s visit”: Anna Seward’s construction of a posthumous legacy in old age’

Carme Font Paz (Univ. Autonoma, Barcelona), ‘In the Words of a Sage and Ageing Exegete: An Approach to the Intellectual Contribution of Nineteenth-Century Women Interpreters of the Bible’


2B Recovering the Ageing Body

Millie Van Der Byl Williams (UCL, London): ‘Memory, the Body, and the Self: Dementia in a Nineteenth-Century Asylum’

Sarah McHugh (Queens University, Belfast): ‘Health Care for Older Women in Nineteenth-Century Ireland’

June Oh (Michigan State University): ‘“[A]ll lines and wrinkles, nine grey hairs of a side”: Gowland’s Lotion, Medically Aged Faces, and Individualism’


Panel Session 3 (2-3.30)


3A Counter/stereotypes of Ageing

Gemma Carney and Leonie Hannan (Queens University, Belfast): ‘G. Stanley Hall’s Narrative of Senescence’

Caitlin Doley (York): ‘Whistler’s Mother: The Painting that Attacked the Nineteenth-Century Ageing Narrative, and its Afterlife’

Shira Gottlieb (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev): ‘ “The New Grandmother”: Ageing, Womanhood and Child Education in Mary Cassatt’s Mrs Cassatt Reading to Her Grandchildren

Susanne Bayerlipp (Frankfurt): ‘“At your age, ma’am, you should be careful”: Age, Objects and Affects in Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford


3B The Bildung Narrative and Its Discontents

Trisha Urmi Banerjee (Harvard, MA): ‘Age and Dissymmetry in Austen’s Persuasion

Natalie McGartland (Georgetown University, Washington DC): ‘The Problem of “girlhood” in Tess of the D’Urbervilles and The Girl’s Own Paper

Pyunghwa Lee (Brandeis, MA): ‘Realism and Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Midlife’