Call for papers: Symposium Mutual Conditionings of Gender and Love


Call for Papers: "Mutual Conditionings of Gender and Love"


16-19 October 2017, Sandbjerg Manor House (Aarhus University, Denmark)


Call for papers


The International Society for the Study of Gender and Love calls for papers on the mutual conditionings of gender and love. The organisers welcome analytical, artistic and theoretical contributions of all formats and from any discipline, as long as every contribution critically grapples with inconsistencies and gaps of knowledge on how gender and love inter- and intra-act. Given the increasing discontent in gender studies with constructivism’s (in)ability to account for material protests against cultural constructions, especially in studies of aging, disability, queer identities, and the environment, we ask if there are new insights from across disciplines to be gained by testing constructivist understandings up against posthuman and new materialist approaches to gender and love. Key questions to be addressed at the symposium will be:

What material and cultural factors condition our experiences, expressions, and representations of gender and love?


 What may post-constructivist insights contribute to our understanding of our bodily reactions and emotions and of our agency and latitude for subversion?

What do these theoretical developments enable in our reflections on our access to intimacy, whether within the frames of hetero- or homosexual marriage, polyamorist or asexual partnerships, or technologically or medically assisted relationships across time, space, age, and ontologies?

Do some or all of these insights have the potential to alter our ethical standards towards others, be they human (young, middle-aged or old), animal, otherwise organic and/or inorganic?


Procedures to submit an abstract


We hope to create a symposium in which we can all speak from a shared experience of what it implies to produce original research/work, so we invite abstracts from scholars and from post-/graduates who should at least have completed their Master’s Level and/or be engaged in doctoral research.


This is an immersive and multidisciplinary symposium, so you must also be willing to commit to full participation in the three-day symposium and to contribute with constructive comments and questions to encourage, improve, and promote further development of insights for presenters and other participants. Please, note that the language of the symposium will be in English.


To submit, please, write a 250-word abstract and send it to Marianne Schleicher at no later than the 1st of August 2017.


The symposium can accommodate 55 presenters who will be selected through a process of blind peer review of abstracts. Information on acceptance of abstracts will be sent by the 15th of


August 2017. After the conference, the steering committee will select papers for rewriting and development for inclusion in a volume proposal to the At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries-series published by the academic publishing house Brill (Leiden).


Inaugural general meeting


The steering committee behind the Sandbjerg Symposium has the experience of organising annual conferences on gender and love, held at Mansfield College, Oxford from 2011 to 2015. However, with a shift in gender studies from constructivism toward posthuman and new materialist considerations, the committee wants to establish an international society that can frame a processual rethinking of the mutual conditionings of gender and love many years ahead that also allows for such rethinking to take place in shifting settings. A secondary purpose with the symposium is therefore to attract members to the International Society for the Study of Gender and Love, to be founded officially during the symposium at an inaugural general meeting. Suggestions for topics to be discussed at the inaugural general meeting should be sent to Marianne Schleicher at no later than the 1st of October 2017.


Practical issues


Aarhus University Research Foundation has generously funded the symposium and the inaugural general meeting to such an extent that we can reduce the costs for each participant with around 75 %. This means that the registration fee for presenters of 1.700 DKR (c. 250 USD) covers 3 nights in a single room at Sandbjerg Manor House (double rooms are available upon request) and all meals and refreshments from the welcoming reception on Monday evening until afternoon tea on Thursday afternoon.


The venue for the conference has been chosen because it facilitates an intense and condensed exchange of ideas, enabling all to live "under the same roof" in beautiful, rural, and peaceful surroundings right on Flensborg Fjord. The estate dates back to c. 1500 and was donated to Aarhus University by Ellen Dahl, born Dinesen, known for her more famous sister Karen Blixen. Most of Dahl’s cosy interiors and artistic treasures have been left at the disposal of the university guests. For more on the venue and how to get there, see .


Registration will open at the Symposium Website ( once the peer review of submitted abstracts has been completed by mid-August.