Call for Papers by the MLA Age Studies Forum

Following are CFPs for two non-guaranteed sessions:


1. Title of session: Social Insecurities


Submission requirements: 300-word proposals and one-page CV


Deadline for submissions: 7 March 2017


Description: Age and precarity link variously across the life course. We invite intersectional analyses of age dynamics; open to all age groups and literary forms.  


Contact person information: Elizabeth Gregory ( and Nancy C. Backes (



2. Title of session: Approaches to Teaching Age in Literature


Submission requirements: 300-word abstract, brief CV

Deadline for submissions: 10 March 2017

Description: How and why do/should faculty incorporate age and/or aging into literature courses? How does the current academic climate present challenges or opportunities?

Contact: Valerie Lipscomb ( and Roberta Rosenberg (  (Collaborative session proposed with forum on The Teaching of Literature)